1. life:

    Happy birthday, Edwin Land.

    Here, an appreciation of his genius and of his crowning achievement: the beautiful, compact universe embodied in the Polaroid SX-70 instant camera.

    (Photo: Co Rentmeesterā€”Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

    (via timelightbox)


  2. Kurt



  3. PaullieĀ 

    FIT, NYC


  4. Jillian



  5. Jay White

    Hancock St, Brooklyn


  6. Sam

    Fayetteville, Ar


  7. Caleb

    Tehama St, Brooklyn


  8. Super Express Deli

    Bedford & Hancock, Brooklyn


  9. NBA Deli

    Nostrand & Halsey, Brooklyn


  10. True South Bookstore

    492 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn